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The standards that our copywriters write by

        We maintain strict standards in quality and customer service, and will work with you and your team step-by-step to accomplish your unique project vision. Our copywriters will take the time to study your business, its position in the market, and how you present yourself to your customers. We will get to know your customers and competitors alike. Our writers know how to breathe life into words so that they speak clearly, loudly, and convincingly to your target market. Let us help you and your project succeed. 

        Most projects take between one and three weeks to complete. Our writers begin by getting to know you and your unique project needs. Our team of experts will then map out an appropriate action plan before assigning the task to a well suited team of writers. They will brainstorm and choose concepts with the highest guarantee for your success. Finally, we provide you with one free round of revision before finalizing your project. 

        Additional revisions cost $50 per hour. Jobs under $500 require prepayment in full. Jobs exceeding $500 require a 50% deposit at the onset of the project. All cheques must be made payable to Amazing Tutors Inc., our holding company. 

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