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Writing sales letters

Amazing sales letters that persuade them to buy

         Our Your business' success is highly dependent on the strength of your marketing efforts and on the strength of your message. Sales letters and sales emails are another great addition to your promotion campaign. Our Amazing expert writers will harness the power of their words to urge your clients to build trust in your business. They will enhance the credibility of your unique products and services.  

The benefits of a sales letter:
•    Conveys your business' value to new clients
•    Persuades them to buy your products and services
•    Creates interest in your products and services
•    Brings improved results to your marketing efforts
•    Builds trust in your business and enhances your credibility
•    Offer promotions and information about new products and                services
•    Broaden your customer base

Our sales letter services include:
•    100% custom copy
•    Sparkling text with emotional words
•    Complete research into you, your competition, and your industry
•    Layout concepting / Research / Interview
•    Full proofreading and editing services   

         The three steps involved in planning a sales letter are similar to those involved in planning any persuasive message: (1) Determine the main idea (in sales letters, it revolves around a selling point and related benefits), (2) define the audience, and (3) plan the approach and format.  Let our Amazing Copywriters write you a business letter that will let your customer know what you can offer them and let them know how to get it. We will persuade them to buy it.

Product Descriptions

      The Product Descriptions created by Amazing Copywriters will:

•    Speak effectively to your audience
•    Call your audience to action with verbs and targeted jargon
•    Speak convincingly to your audience by mimicking its                      vocabulary 
•    Seal the gap between the features and benefits of a product
•    Use stories to make your product memorable
•    Creatively attach proof to your descriptions
•    Enhance your company's branding by capturing a strong image
•    Checked and tested three times for readability