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Internet usability and utility consulting

         Our Usability and utility go hand in hand as they work together to determine whether something is useful to the user. Usability is a basic quality attribute that assesses how easy interfaces are to operate. Utility refers to the design's functionality and begs the question:  Does it do what the user needs? We will apply methods to improve ease-of-use while addressing the needs of your clientele during the website design process. From copy to graphics, every aspect of your website will propel your clients into action. Let our internet consultants help you make your website useful and usable.

Our usability consulting services created for you by Amazing Copywriters will include:

•    An in-depth analysis of written copy, graphics, layout, and ease        of use
•    A full review of your existing website by our team of copywriters
•    Increased conversion rate by making it easy for users to                  navigate through your site upon their first encounter
•    Elimination of the number of errors made by users as they                attempt to locate information 
•    A pleasant design that makes viewers eager to use your website      while satisfying their curiosity 
•    Proofreading and rewriting of new or existing content in a web-f        riendly format

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