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Writing Tutoring Program

           Amazing Tutors’ Writing Tutoring Program in Surrey is a standards-based program and begins when the student's writing ability is at the level of paragraph composition (basically the third or fourth English-language level). Because we believe that it is essential that a writing tutoring service equip young people with the tools necessary to communicate powerfully and advantageously, we provide a comprehensive program which ensures that our Writing tutors guide students through increasingly advanced skill-building. Our Writing Tutoring Program conveys that all great writing has seven key elements: a focused topic; an introduction; supporting material; a conclusion; varied sentence structure; proper grammar and appropriate vocabulary. Our Writing Tutoring Program helps students build writing ability in all of these areas. 
               1.    Amazing Tutors’ Writing Tutoring Program begins by teaching students the seven key elements of effective writing.

               2.    Next, the program shows students how to identify/recognize these seven key elements in material they read, and their own writing efforts.

               3.    Our Writing Tutoring Program then teaches students to assess each other's writing using t
he Writing Tutoring Program’s Writing Assessment Checklist.

               4.    In the Writing Tutoring Program students score each other's writing. This process enables students to review the seven key elements and see these elements modeled in the writing of their peers. 

            Amazing Tutors' Writing Tutoring Program works on developing the following skills in lessons designed for Elementary School and Secondary School.  

  • Author's purpose
  • Capitalization
  • Grammar
  • Sentence composition
  • ​Paragraph composition
  • Punctuation usage
  • Writing process
  • Essay Composition
  • Test Essay Composition
  • Report Composition
  • ​Writing styles
  • Narrative voices                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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